A new beginning

Hello peeps and how are you and the last few days has been a big decision of my life and having to close the door on someone who was in my life for 4 years and I have decided there is no going back and I have started a new beginning. Yes I,am happy because I dont have to look back just look forward and focus on my future and really enjoy the fresh of breath air, and like said if you want something really bad in life you have to prepared to say goodbye to things in your life to finally explore your journey x


2 thoughts on “A new beginning

  1. Well done to you – sometimes it can be really hard to let go of a relationship that you have been in for, especially if you have been together for years [I was in a similar situation]. It all works out in the end and like you said, concentrate on number 1 now and everything else will follow suit. 🙂

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